Simply put, mediators facilitate communication between parties in conflict without taking sides.

The aim of mediation is to help those parties (for example, a couple going through a divorce, or a business struggling with conflict between two or more key members of a team) reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute that is acceptable to each side. The solution should be fair to all and cost-effective.

The mediator manages the meetings but is not there to impose ideas, solutions or decisions or force a settlement of his or her own design, or provide legal advice to any of the parties involved, who are solely responsible for the ultimate resolution of the dispute.

In essence, mediators help those in dispute to communicate about the issues of concern to them, and help participants find solutions that are acceptable to everybody involved.

We provide a full range of family mediation services throughout the Surrey, Kent London and Hampshire areas. We can provide in person as well as on-line meetings - but we are available for Zoom meetings in all other locations.



Family mediation can help you:

  • Keep control of your situation
  • Create an atmosphere that allows for constructive discussions
  • Controlling emotions and reducing hostilities
  • Direct you to professionals who can give further and informed advice if needed

It is important that mediators maintain impartiality. They will therefore not:

  • Advise you on what to do
  • Force any party to attend mediation
  • Provide advice on financial, children or legal matters in the case of family mediation

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